The main differences between Manga and anime

When it comes to the entertainment in Japan then there are many activities available over there. If you are looking for an entertainment in Japan then you can read the Manga comic and also anime movie. If you are asking for the difference between Manga and anime then you should understand that there are not much difference between them. Both comes from Japan and has the cartoon. Some different between them which I will try to tell you in this article. Learn in details about watching อนิเมะ.

Comic vs animation

The first difference between Manga and anime is that manga is the comic where as the anime is the animation. If you are a person who want to read the book then you should have the Manga book. But if you want to see the movie related to the Japan then you can see the anime movies available around. Even though these things are from Japan but still they are available in the west. Around the world, you are going to find the movies related to this without any trouble and also it will be affordable.

Picture versus video

If you will read the Manga book then you will find different type of pictures which can understand you the story of the Japan comic. But if you don’t love to read the book then you can still enjoy your time by seeing the anime movie which will have the audio and video. The graphic of the movie will be very good and you will enjoy the story available.

Different rates

Even though both anime and manga is from Japan but still there are different rates for both. Because the Manga book is going to be big pages like 400, the payment of this book will be different than the payment for the movie. If you are a person who loves to read the book then this is the book you can read. If you have the money in your pocket then you can buy the manga book and enjoy your time but if you are a person who doesn’t have the interest in this regard then you can see the movie. One way or the other there are some difference between these two and depends on the person.

Manga getting more popular

If you are a person who is asking the question that which thing is more popular than Manga book is going to be the answer in this regard because by the time there are many people around who want to read the story instead of watching the movie related to that story. Some people doesn’t understand the story by watching the movie that is why if you are a person who is interested in reading the book and enjoy the time understanding the story then this is going to be available by reading the Manga book.


As you can see that both the things are coming from Japan so there will be some things which will be similar but at the same time some of the big difference between these two can tell you that different type of person can depend what they want or what they love.