Group Cruises – Oasis of the Seas Being Built With Groups in Mind

Is your group interested in booking a group cruise or a family reunion cruise? If so, there’s something on the horizon that you’ve just got to see. What is it? It’s Royal Caribbean Cruise’s newest addition slated to enter their fleet in December 2009 – Oasis of the Seas. So,what makes this ship so great for group cruises? Where do I begin? Let me count the ways…

Small ships are a poor choice for multi-generational group trips, as they generally have limited activities, smaller public spaces, and fewer choices for members. If you will be traveling with people of varying ages and interests, a larger ship provides more options, making it easier to taobao 集運教學 meet everyone’s individual expectations about the group cruise. The Oasis will be the largest ship on the ocean – boasting a passenger capacity of 5,400 at double capacity with 2,700 staterooms. It’s important to select a group cruise that will fit everyone’s budget. On a larger ship, there is generally a wide range of stateroom categories in a variety of different price ranges. It’s likely that everyone will find something they can afford – whether it be an interior stateroom, an oceanview, a balcony, or a suite. However, the Oasis of the Seas takes the typical stateroom choices and turbocharges them. This ship was built with an abundance of staterooms that overlook interior public spaces — like the tranquil Central Park, the bustling Promenade Deck, or the outdoor Boardwalk.

For those who are familiar with Royal Caribbean’s Voyager or Freedom-class ships, you already know they are a big “wow” for just about everyone. These three public spaces (where both Central Park and the Boardwalk are new concepts) provide a memorable spot for groups to gather. Central Park is a change from the typical flashy and colorful cruise ship decor. The designs provided by Royal Caribbean reveal neutral, spa-like colors and cozy spaces that would be conducive for quiet chats and catching up (great for family reunion cruises). All sorts of interesting plants will be represented in Central Park – including Calla Lillies, ferns, vines, an assortment of trees, pineapple plants, bamboo, and more. Right below Central Park will be the new and improved Promenade Deck featuring a skylight called the Crystal Canopies that shines light from Central Park above.

The Promenade Deck is also a really great place to hang out informally with people at the coffee shop, ice cream shop, or any of the lounges or restaurants. A new addition to the Promenade Deck is the Rising Tide Bar – a high-tech water feature where the bar rises up on a plume of water from the Promenade Deck to Central Park (three stories up). Additionally, embarkation for this ship will take place at the Promenade Deck rather than on one of the lower decks (as has been with the other RCC ships).