Does the Small Guy Have a Bigger Chance? The Tale of the iPad Mini

Oh how the market rages when a new kid is on the block. Well, so is the story for the iPad mini. Not that it has made it’s much waited for entry as yet, however, its rumours and speculations have painted the tech town white.

Almost everyone these days is talking about how the ipad trade in value iPad mini would look, what does it have to offer and would it sell better than its papa (the iPad). Well, surprisingly, most people claim that it will. Staunch iPad enthusiasts do have a different opinion but most polls go the iPad mini way.

Why, what’s so cool?

As in the case of everything new, people ask too many questions.

• What is so cool about the iPad mini?

• Why would it do well?

• Why is it being made, in the first place?

There can be a different answer to all these questions but the basic gist of them all remains the same- USABILITY. The whole idea of developing a tablet is to come in a middle point between the laptops and the Smartphones.

The iPads are awesome, but the trouble is that they require as much caution (read difficulty to operate) as do the laptops. Although they are much more portable, the question still remains if they are portable enough for the user to carry it with him everywhere.

This is the one place where the iPad mini scores really high. It is tinier than the iPad, therefore can be carried around effortlessly and it is also much more lightweight. Another thing about it is that although it is smaller than the conventional iPad, it is still bigger the iPhone, making it ideal for viewing.

The Example

It will be unfair to compare the iPad with any other tablet in the market, because there is no comparison between apples and oranges. However, one can get an estimate of the commercial viability of the product by simply getting a good look at the success (or failure) of the other 7 inch tablets in the market.

In my opinion, the best so far is the Google Nexus 7. Market reviews state that people have absolutely loved the nexus 7. It is pretty, small and extremely convenient to handle. Its ideal screen size makes viewing videos and pictures a delight, at the same time, making it extremely easy to work through documents and reports.

And, of course, who can forget the gaming experience. I guess a lot of people out there opt for tablets purely for the fun of gaming on it. The iPad mini shows promise in every respect because its size is very helpful in single hand operation.