Choosing the Right Kind of Overseas Shipping For Your Needs

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No other country builds motorcycles them like we do in the good ole US of A. Though the Italians may enjoy cruising around on scooters, you want something with a bit more; more power, more chrome, more noise, etc. Luckily for you, there are companies which specialize in shipping motorcycles overseas so you will not have to do without your beloved ride when you go on extended trips to exotic destinations. Unless you are shipping to Canada (which actually is not overseas at all) or Hawaii, shipping motorcycles overseas is not going to be very cheap. But trying to find and buy an American motorcycle in countries dominated by Vespas and Piaggios is not going to be cheap or easy either.

Here is a checklist for you to follow when shipping 미국배송대행  motorcycles overseas: (Remember that the service you choose may have different requirements.) The shipment must be packed to withstand the normal hazards of shipping. It must be completely crated and palletized or supported in a fashion that will allow it to be moved using a forklift or pallet jack. The shipment must be at the departing port ready for pick up. You will need to have complete names, addresses, and phone numbers for both the departing and destination ports. Write the delivery address on the outside of the package. Get a fax number, email address, or phone number for the person at the origin. Have payment ready in the form of credit, debit, or charge card. This list is intended only to give you an idea of what you will need, not to be all inclusive.

You also need to keep in mind when shipping motorcycles overseas that they are motor vehicles and so may fall under some of the same guidelines as a car. Be sure your motorcycle is street legal in the nation you are shipping to if you plan to use it on public roadways. You will also need to deal with a customs broker to get your bike through customs in most cases. If you, your recipient, or a friend will not be able to pick up the bike, you may also need to find a European or local shipping company to haul your bike to its destination from the port. You may also need to hire a domestic shipping service to haul your motorcycle to the departing port if you live to far inland to ride or haul your bike there yourself.

Some companies, in addition to shipping motorcycles overseas, also offer shipping services for jet skis, ATVs, boats, and more. To get an accurate quote you will need to consult with an agent of an overseas shipping company or use a form on their website.